Why reliance | Precision And Predictability

Precision and predictability in project management

The consistency with which we meet our quality and delivery constraints owes much to our particular approach to project management. That approach, and its continuing refinement are at the center of our business strategy. It guides the coordination of people and materials and the administration and construction of the site itself, determines the character of our communications with clients and trades, and sustains the systematic attention to detail that is critical to effective control.

Our sites: Quality, Safety and Cleanliness

Reliance has been successful because of the various components of our management process works well– separately and together. We are experts in fast-track scheduling, in quality and inventory control and in the application of pressure to maintain the pace of progress. We act to ensure that the client remains informed and satisfied throughout the course of the work, and the corrections mandated by the changes in plans or site conditions are implemented gracefully and without delay. Our job sites are monitored continuously for safety and cleanliness; as a result we have a particular repute for sites that are clean and orderly, and a safety record some 20 percent better than the industry average.