About us | Organization and philosophy

Our History

Reliance Construction Group is a family-owned enterprise over half a century old. Originally devoted primarily to real-estate acquisition and development, the Company redefined its focus some thirty years ago, giving itself over entirely to contract construction and to the pursuit of a particular, service-oriented approach to contract construction that at the time was unique in its marketplace.

Our present, our future

Today the Company is one of the larger privately owned construction companies in North America, offering a full complement of services in all aspects of project planning, execution and delivery. Its accomplishments include office-towers, hotels, shopping centers, industrial complexes and advanced-technology facilities for manufacturing and health-care. Backed by unlimited bonding capacity, it builds without restriction for governments, institutions, manufacturers, retailers and developers. Most important, and a significant factor in the hundred-fold growth in business volume recorded over the past three decades, it builds consistently to standards and schedules that are among the most demanding in the industry.

Our work, our people

The Company’s annual volume, averaged over the past decade, is approximately $700,000,000 while individual contracts range in value from $500,000 to over $600,000,000. These figures summarize the joint achievement of a relatively compact group of administrators, project managers and engineers working collaboratively in Eastern Canada. Our average employee age is approximately forty years old, representing a combined experience of over 500 years in the construction industry. Most of us joined the Company early in our careers. We work well together, our efforts aligned by a shared perception of the particular strengths that have brought Reliance to its present size and position.