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MYX Condos, 2021, 378,000 sq.ft.

Location :
Nun's Island, Quebec

Contract Delivery :
Construction Management

MYX condos, the next installment in a mix of condos, lofts and townhouses that includes Evolo X, Evolo S, Evolo 2, Evolo 1, Pavillon Evolo and ZUNI, located on the Pointe-Nord in Nun’s Island includes 378,000 sq.ft. of gross constructed area and is scheduled to start in the fall of 2018. The project consists of 196 units over 8 storeys and will feature a rooftop pool and chalet complete with kitchen, fireplace, communal table, indoor and outdoor lounges, and a state of the art rooftop gym. Additionally, the commercial ground floor will feature outdoor covered parking for commercial clients.